Meet our Artists

The artists in our collective are as diverse as their work. Check out our fabulous artists below and get inspired!

The Rock Hill Artist Collective

Lindsay Conlan

Lindsay Conlan is an award winning poet currently living in Charlotte and runs Artsy Goddesses of Charlotte as well as The Charlotte Poetry Collective. As well as being an accomplished poet Lindsay is also a photographer and artist.

Ashley Flynn

Ashley is an artist and designer living and working in South Carolina. I love color, happiness, fun, and learning new things. Currently, Ashley is focusing on handmade jewelry, painting and needlepoint designs.

Kim Bryan

Kim Bryan, and her clothing company Sunday West, are all about making women feel comfortable and confident. He clothing line is for everybody and Kim’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Harriet Marshall Goode

Harriet “Sister” Goode is known for her androgynous depiction of the female figure, which derive strictly from her imagination. The women often have vulnerable personalities, or perhaps the strength to transport them to other worlds, but they all tell a story, sometimes in a language I don’t even understand. Harriet is now focusing on abstracts and nonobjective works.

Ashley Barron

Ashley is a jewelry designer who assembles new jewelry out of antique pieces. She enjoys working with rosery beads and watch chains. Ashley also enjoys the process of smocking and making children’s clothing.

Faded Crown

Faded Crown opened a 2nd location at the Rock Hill Artist Collective. The store offers thoughtfully curated and locally sourced goods by a modern day tastemaker. The store is an experience packed with gifts, art jewelry and more!

Sara Simpson

Sara Simpson is a fiber artist in Rock Hill, SC. Her primary medium is crochet and secondary is embroidery, but she enjoys incorporating other mediums into her work. Sara taught herself to crochet in 2009 to cope with chronic illness and associated emotions. She was inspired to explore new ways to bring fiber arts to a fine art world and to push the boundaries of perceived limits of a simple crochet hook and a skein of yarn.
Sara enjoys the tactile experience crochet and embroidery bring to both the artist’s process and to the viewer. Inspired by bold colors, music, and heavy emotions, Sara seeks to create an experience that is both whimsical and emotional. Her goal is to welcome the viewer to step into her colorful world and find the emotion that hides behind the whimsy.

Monique Luck

Soulful figures textured with emotion emerge, revealing colorful, lyrical stories moving fluidly across canvas. Luck models the features of figures and natural forms using fragments of found paper. “As I assemble a collage, I often wish I could rearrange pieces of my life as I do pieces of colored paper.” she explains. “Each day I am reminded that life choices are not as easily moved.”

Luck is an award-winning international artist and muralist. She has exhibited her work frequently at galleries and museums across the US.

Kristen Gurri

Kristen Gurri is a fiber artist as well as a woodworker. She has created the world of Snarks, which is a mythical character who is hypercaffenated Guardian Sprit for the sarcastic soul. Kristen also creates frames and panel board for other artists to create.

Robin Stallings

The main thematics of Robin Stallings’s work are inspired by her Asian Ethic background and her father, who throws hand wheel pottery.
She has a forty year history working with acrylic paint and a newfound love for painting and repurposing discarded furniture, and she is always in search of the perfect photo or composition to inspire the art that she creates.

The Gypsy Debutant

The Gypsy Debutant is a women’s clothing boutique. A Gypsy Debutante is a woman who is classy and timeless, refined and polished, but she also has some whimsy to her. She likes the contemporary styles of today, in doses. We’ve always felt it was important to offer boutique clothing at affordable prices. Every woman should feel beautiful and special without breaking the bank.

Kat Hoover

Kat is a sixteen year old artist that has recently applied to the Governor’s School of the arts in Greenville, SC. Her focus is on race relations in America.

Michael James

Michael is a local Pen & Ink Artist who draws southeastern colleges and universities in addition to scenes of local interest. He draws in a method called pointillism, (a picture consisting of dots). These images often take many hours to complete.

Louise Hane

Louise is a trained interior designer who has moved her entire curated library of fabric and wallpaper to The Rock Hill Artist Collective. Clients can check out product and order through Louise. Louise also makes custom trays for interior design use.

Miriam Simmons

Miriam started painting in July of 2020 – during the pandemic summer. She always knew that she would paint one day, and this season of strange uncertainty brought her face to face with the right time. Once she started painting, it was as if she tapped into an underground spring – and since then, she has been splashing in the fountain.

Miriam had a passion for art and design as a child – it has been with her all along. Although she did not pursue art and design in her college studies, art and design have pursued her. In a very organic fashion Miriam began work in interior design and enjoyed working with homeowners to create spaces of beauty and comfort for their families and friends. She loved all types of home design and her mantra was and us “a home tells you what it needs.” Eventually, Miriam began working full time in an administrative position that afforded her an opportunity to learn and do a deep dive into a new arena – graphic design. Miriam’s full time administrative work fuels her love of order and organization. During after work hours and on weekends, you will find her in her newest favorite pair of dangly earrings – creating and painting while her playlist blares happy and soulful tunes.

Miriam paints in acrylic and she also loves collage. Painting a piece and deconstructing it is her jam! She paints on canvas, paper and panels. Her art is influenced by many things. Her love for interior design drives her color, texture and style choices. Her constant muse is the coast of low country South Carolina – with its colors and strong horizontal landscapes. She often jokes that she has given herself completely over to the color aqua. You will find it in varying shades in all of her works.

She believes that
…beauty is everywhere
…nothing is wasted
…everything has a home
…it is never too late to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

A sense of community

The members at the Rock Hill Artist Collective have created a sense of community, rather than choosing to work solo. As a result, positive relationships have been built focusing on inspiring conversation that results in better work. The Collective is dedicated to challenging one another to push boundaries far beyond what we ever thought possible. Mentorships and internships have been established as our artist members range in age from 16 to 80 years old. Our comradery is palpable, and we are all equally invested in one another’s work. We hope you will come visit and get inspired!