Rock Hill Artist Collective

We are a group of local artists and entrepreneurs who have come together in one building to foster both collaborative and independent work opportunities.

Located in the heart of downtown Rock Hill

The Building contains 15 individual studio spaces where artists can focus on their craft. The self-employed members of the collective have created a positive environment where creativity flourishes. In addition to workspaces, artists also sell their work independently or in the central gallery at The Hickory Post. Our goal is to create a progressive work environment where community members feel inspired and encouraged about the thriving art scene in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

A Place of inspiration, Growth & Learning

We offer classes that allow community members to learn a new skill and engage with other creatives in the community. Our classes are for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Check out of class offerings on our schedule page to start your own creative journey.

A sense of community

The members at the Rock Hill Artist Collective have created a sense of community, rather than choosing to work solo. As a result, positive relationships have been built focusing on inspiring conversation that results in better work. The Collective is dedicated to challenging one another to push boundaries far beyond what we ever thought possible. Mentorships and internships have been established as our artist members range in age from 16 to 80 years old. Our comradery is palpable, and we are all equally invested in one another’s work. We hope you will come visit and get inspired!

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